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2022-06-14, fpif.org

The United States has a problem with rare earths, and it’s largely a problem of its own making. Ninety percent of these essential—but by no means rare—minerals are now under the control of China, a country that either is or isn’t our enemy. And the United States is largely responsible for this situation. Not so long ago, the United States was the world’s largest producer of rare earths until the private sector, with government acquiescence, decided to offshore the production.

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As demand for rare earths rises, world’s biggest producer might stop exporting them, says analyst

2022-06-07, mining.com

China, the world’s biggest producer of magnet rare earth oxides could stop exporting the group of minerals within the next decade due to increasing domestic demand and a shortage in global supply, said Ryan Castilloux, founder of the independent research group, Adamas Intelligence.

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China’s "dirty tricks campaign" speaks volumes about the outlook for rare earths: 3 ASX mining stocks headed for a rerate

2022-07-01, livewiremarkets.com

Revelations by US cybersecurity firm Mandiant that China had resorted to cyberwar tactics in an effort to protect its stranglehold on the strategically-important rare earths industry comes as no surprise.

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A pro-China online influence campaign is targeting the rare-earths industry

2022-06-28, technologyreview.com

Disinformation operatives seek to undermine firms in the Western world as China fights to maintain near-monopoly power.

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Commodities in 'perfect storm' says ERG, as crisis starts super cycle

2022-05-25, reuters.com

DAVOS, Switzerland, May 25 (Reuters) - Years of under-investment in mining of metals essential to energy transition, supply shocks and high energy prices will continue to drive commodity prices higher, Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) Chief Executive Benedikt Sobotka said on Wednesday.

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China’s dominance of the rare earths supply chain is a geopolitical risk

2022-04-27, investmentmonitor.ai

The Western world must draw up its own strategic plan for rare earths; otherwise, China will be able to control the price of the metals simply by adjusting supply.

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JPMorgan Says Be Ready for 40% Commodities Rally in Market Shift

2022-04-07, bloombergquint.com

Commodities could surge by as much 40% -- taking them far into record territory -- should investors boost their allocation to raw materials at a time of rising inflation, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co. While allocations appear to be above historical averages on commodities, they are not very overweight, according to strategists led by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou. That suggests scope for gains in raw materials, they said.

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China's Rare Earth Metals Consolidation and Market Power

2022-03-02, fpri.org

Rare earth metals or “rare earths,” a collection of 17 elements[1] that are valued for their conductive and magnetic properties, have made headlines again. Over the past year and a half, their prices have risen to levels not seen since their peak in 2011. What’s more, in December 2021, Beijing approved the merger of three of China’s biggest rare earth metals state-owned enterprises (SOEs)—China Minmetals Rare Earth, Chinalco Rare Earth & Metals, and China Southern Rare Earth Group—along with two other companies—Ganzhou Zhonglan Rare Earth New Material Technology and Jiangxi Ganzhou Rare Metal Exchange.

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The rare earth problem must be solved by innovating, not just playing catch up

2022-03-30, mining.com

For the third time in a decade, the clouds are gathering above rare earths. China – already controlling 85% of global production – has consolidated its rare earth assets to further increase state influence. In the last 2 years, prices of key rare earth elements have nearly tripled.

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The rare earth problem must be solved by innovating, not just playing catch up

2022-03-30, mining.com

For the third time in a decade, the clouds are gathering above rare earths. China – already controlling 85% of global production – has consolidated its rare earth assets to further increase state influence. In the last 2 years, prices of key rare earth elements have nearly tripled.

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Rare Earths, Scarce Metals, and the Struggle for Supply Chain Security

2022-03-30, fpri.org

Alerted to their vulnerability on rare earths (REEs) when China threatened to withhold supplies to Japan in September 2010, industrialized countries began to be concerned with developing alternate sources. For Japan in particular, REEs are indispensable to the production of the catalytic converters of the automobile industry that is a mainstay of the Japanese economy. They are also components of high technology devices that include permanent magnets, rechargeable batteries, smart phones, digital cameras, light emitting-diode lights, clean energy, and fighter planes.

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Chinese rare earth consolidation a cause for concern

2022-03-30, eastasiaforum.org

The world needs more readily available rare earth metals. These metals are used in energy transition technologies such as electric vehicles and wind turbines, in most contemporary electronic gadgets, and in some defence applications. Over the coming decades, demand for rare earths is forecasted to increase by two to eight times over current supply.

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Rare Earths: Fighting for the Fuel of the Future

2022-01-08, thediplomat.com

Rare earths are as critical to the modern economy as oil – and China has quietly secured a near-monopoly.

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Rare earths shortage roiling supply chain

2021-11-23, lightreading.com

If the mobile industry supply chain isn't stressed enough as it is, here's another problem: rare earths. The 17 rare earth elements are essential for the manufacture of mobile phones and other electronic goods as well as everything from electric vehicles to medical devices and advanced weaponry.

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Rare Earth Elements: Where in the World Are They?

2021-11-23, visualcapitalist.com

Rare earth elements are a group of metals that are critical ingredients for a greener economy, and the location of the reserves for mining are increasingly important and valuable.

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Building sources of rare earths supply

2021-11-03, fastmarkets.com

With rare earth prices climbing on fresh demand from the new-energy sector and the potential for future Chinese supply constraints, governments outside China are supporting new sources of supply, William Clarke reports.

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Greenland bans uranium mining, halting rare earths project

2021-11-10, reuters.com

Greenland's parliament has passed legislation that will ban uranium mining and cease development of the Kuannersuit mine, one of the biggest rare earth deposits in the world.

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China ensures its domination of rare-earths global production & supply as it sets up new megafirm

2021-10-25, rt.com

Three rare-earth-producing Chinese companies will be restructured and merged into a single, state-owned giant, with a near-70% share of the domestic production quota for the vital materials, Asia Nikkei reports.

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US has something to learn from China about securing rare earths

2021-06-18, aspistrategist.org.au

The Biden administration’s 100-day review of supply-chain vulnerabilities has produced fresh insights into the United States’ dependence on China for supplies of rare earths and other critical materials but falls far short of a strategy to achieve any change.

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China’s dominance of rare earths supply is a growing concern in the West

2021-04-25, scmp.com

Western countries are becoming concerned about their reliance on China for supplies of rare earth elements and other scarce metals and minerals that are essential for the manufacture of electric car batteries, satellites, weapons, wind turbines and solar panels.

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Chinese rare earth metals surge in price

2020-12-03, mining.com

A surge in the price of Chinese rare earth metals in November is a reflection of the geopolitical tensions between that country and the developed world.

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Visualizing China’s Dominance in Rare Earth Metals

2020-01-13, visualcapitalist.com

From smartphones and electric vehicles to x-rays and guided-missiles, several modern technologies wouldn’t be what they are without rare earth metals. Also known as rare earth elements or simply “rare earths”, this group of 17 elements is critical to a number of wide-ranging industries.

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With the U.S. in its sights, China moves to restrict rare earths exports. Could cobalt be next?

2020-01-19, supchina.com

New rules from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology make clear that Beijing aims to tighten export controls on rare earth metals, a group of minerals essential to manufacturing electronics.

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China tightens strategic control of rare earths

2020-01-20, asiatimes.com

China moved to tighten control over the rare-earth metals industry in what some experts see as its latest response to the ongoing trade war with the US.

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The Rare Earth Rush Is Rebooted

2020-11-26, forbes.com

From the frozen hills of Greenland to the outback of Australia a rush has restarted for rare earths, a family of metals essential in electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy systems.

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Trump wasn’t wrong about China. But here’s how Biden can do a better job.

2020-11-12, washingtonpost.com

In the next crisis, the shortages could be in electric transformers or rare earths or basic computer components — and the USA better be ready.

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'Simply implausible' for rare earths production to keep up

2020-09-29, kitco.com

"If the global industry continues to operate myopically – preparing, anticipating and investing only for a three to five-year outlook – the rate of demand growth for magnet rare earths will soon reach ‘escape velocity’; a point at which annual demand growth becomes so great that it is simply implausible for the already-lagging supply-side to catch up and keep up," writes the reports authors.

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A Game Plan for Decreasing China’s Dominance in Rare-Earths and Strategic Metals

2020-08-21, sdcexec.com

China cultivated its rare-earth industry through years of state subsidies and is prepared to use it as a geopolitical weapon.

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The Rare Earths War

2020-08-20, investorintel.com

A timely discussion on how China poses a serious threat to the rare earths supply chain security of the United States.

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China’s rare earth export plunge caused by coronavirus, not Beijing agenda, industry group says

2020-08-18, scmp.com

A plunge in China’s rare earth exports last month has fanned speculation over whether Beijing has been curbing overseas shipments of the raw materials to inflict pain on its trade partners.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Highlights U.S. Reliance On China's Rare Earth Metals

2020-07-17, npr.org

The United States has become too dependent on China for minerals that are critical to national security.

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Lynas sees Higher Need of Rare Earths post COVID-19

2020-05-21, steelguru.com

According to Australian rare earths producer Lynas, The global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the appetite for alternatives to Chinese rare earths supply chains.

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Global rare earths battle

2020-05-16, www.theweek.in

A reality checkWhy the global community needs to adopt a collaborative approach.

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China restarts rare earth capacity after closures

2020-02-28, www.mining.com

The impact of the coronavirus has been felt on a range of markets as well as the macroeconomic performance of the Chinese economy during early 2020.

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Coronavirus slows China rare earth sector

2020-02-19, metaltechnews.com

China say extended coronavirus interruptions to REE production could affect exports of these high-tech elements.

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The inevitable impact of the Coronavirus on the world’s rare earths supply.

2020-02-21, investorintel.com/

Critical materials-based supply chains may be hanging by a thread, the thread of the size of existing Chinese inventories.

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CRU: Why Rare Earths are Vital for a Low Carbon Economy

2019-11-29, www.prnewswire.com

Although there are seventeen rare earth elements with a wide variety of uses, two in particular (Neodymium and Praseodymium, or NdPr for short), are becoming increasingly important due to their link to the growth of a low carbon economy.

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Are rare earths used in solar panels?

2019-11-28, www.pv-magazine.com

A new report by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency reveals some surprises about the use of rare earth minerals in the renewable energy sector.

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How rare are rare earth minerals?

2019-11-27, www.abc.net.au

Rare earth minerals are mined and processed to make thousands of products that we use every day in our daily lives. China has become a dominant player in this market and is using its position to threaten some countries to withhold rare earth minerals and use as a bargaining chip during bilateral disputes.

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Greenland Is Not For Sale. But It Has Rare Earth Minerals America Wants

2019-11-24, www.npr.org

Greenland holds rare earth minerals America wants — but which it largely relies on China to get.

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Pentagon wants rare earths

2019-11-15, resourceworld.com

Most people are totally unaware of how much they depend on the 17 rare earths in their daily lives. A short list of applications would include cameras and telescope lenses, catalytic converters, aircraft engines, X-ray and MRI scanning systems, TV and computer screens, the military and magnets in your car and speakers.

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On the threshold of a significant disruption to the domestic rare earths supply chain

2019-10-30, investorintel.com/

In 1992, then Chinese Premier Deng Xiaoping pointed at Beijing’s objectives saying: ‘The Middle East has its oil; China has its rare earths.’ This warning bell has been a wake up call in the midst of the current US-China trade war, especially given China now supplies 81% of the world’s rare earths.

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Key trends in Rare Earths

2019-09-30, stockhead.com.au

Rare Earths are a critical niche market which gives them an element of downside price resilience. But at the same time, their outlook needs to be assessed individually.

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Have scientists discovered why China is so rich in Rare Earth elements?

2019-09-27, Yahoo News

China has more than 80 per cent of the world’s reserves of heavy rare earths such as terbium, dysprosium and holmium concentrated in a few provinces to the south of the country.

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Rare Earth export from China to the USA at a peak level

2019-09-25, investingnews.com

China shipped its highest amount of rare earth magnets in over three years to the US last month.

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Energy metals poised for massive ramp-up in demand

2019-09-12, resourceworld.com

By 2050 solar panels and wind turbines will require around 12 times as much indium as the entire world produces right now; neodymium production will have to grow by more than seven times, and silver will have to grow by nearly three times. And this is just for renewable energy; all of these metals have various uses in other industries.

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Xi Sends Trump A Message: Rare-Earth Export Ban Is Coming

2019-05-20, zerohedge.com

The U.S. relies on China, the dominant global supplier, for about 80% of its rare earths imports. A Chinese export curb, or ban, also cripple US producers.

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VIDEO — GeoMegA’s Kiril Mugerman: The Time to Invest in Rare Earths is Now

2018-10-23, investingnews.com

At this year’s Mines and Money Americas conference in Toronto, the Investing News Network had the chance to talk to Kiril Mugerman, president and CEO of GeoMegA Resources (TSXV:GMA), a rare earths-focused company that has created a unique way of recovering rare earths through recycling.

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China's Grip on Rare Earths May Have Proven Too Strong for Trump

2018-09-18, www.bloomberg.com

The U.S. appears to have shelved its plan to levy tariffs on a critical collection of minerals used in everything from hybrid vehicles to electronic gadgets and military hardware.

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Facts About Yttrium

2018-08-24, www.livescience.com

Yttrium is one of the most promising Rare Earth Elements. There are many applications and demand is steadily increasing. Keep an eye on this amazing Rare Earth Element!

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