GVS Rare Earths
History & Forecast

Since the beginning of the 1990's major key industries such as green energy, the field of telecommunications as well as electric mobility and robotics have seen exponential growth rates. Gigawatts of electricity can now efficiently be harvested from solar and wind farms due to new technologies and materials using Rare Earth Elements. Millions of smartphones and tablet computers take advantage of REE magic, and we are in the middle of a revolution in mobility. The world is finally switching from polluting combustion motors to clean electric engines, thanks to advances in REE research and development.

Wind and solar power technology already exists. However, without the impact of REEs the technology is not yet as efficient and widespread. Industrial lasers become more common, lots of IT & telecommunications research and development. Political changes on a global level bring the issue of green energy to the forefront in media and people's awareness.

Green parties become part of the political spectrum. They are a driving force for shifting to more environmentally friendly energy production. Nuclear power becomes more controversial, especially after the accidant at Chernobyl. Mid-2000’s handheld technology going mainstream and conquering mass market. The idea of electric cars becomes mainstream. Global climate change is widely accepted as scientific fact.

A vast amount of properties of REE’s are being investigated by means of modern processing, research and testing methods. There are technological leaps forward in various industries. Smartphone technology and usage is spreading rapidly across the globe.

New alloy magnets made of neodymium enable unprecedented yields in wind energy and give a big boost to developing more efficient electric cars with improved battery lifecycles. Fiber-optic cable networks with REE components are implemented on a global scale. The Internet has become a very important part of our daily lives.

Electric cars and residential photovoltaic systems have arrived in the mass market. Gigantic wind farms with modern REE alloys are being set up in increasingly inhospitable and remote places. Using new sensor and data processing technology, autonomous robots are moving into the R&D focus of many companies.

Vastly improved semiconductor and microchip technology lead to the onset of artificial intelligence (AI) – all of it connected to the rapidly growing web. Our reality becomes intertwined with the digital domain.

Autonomous robotic technologies as well as advanced medical implants are showing increasing potential and could soon reach commercial production. New advances in battery technology make the electric car more efficient. By 2025, every third new car sold will be an electric car, thanks also to REE’s.

Key industries are constantly creating new uses for REEs in extremely specialized shapes, and the future technology market will be heavily influenced by them. REEs are considered the new Gold. China dominates global REE output and supply. New trade barriers and conflicts between USA, Europe, Russia and China arise.