GVS Rare Earths Storage
Safe + International + Professional

Commodities like Rare Earths are kept in bonded warehouses. We offer to store at selected locations worldwide. At our sites the investor benefits from the following advantages …

+ VAT free buying and selling because we store and trade in bonded warehouses.
+ Smallest transportation costs because we are storing close to the demanding industry sites.
+ Swift and quick transactions as producers and buyers trade in the same locations.
+ 100% safe and 100% insured. Commodities are handled according to their specifications.
+ Free of bureaucratic hassles. The certifications for selling are prepared already with the purchase.



International Locations

One of the entry ports to the European Union. Especially European car manufacturing sites purchase Rare Earths via Frankfurt.

Storage / Delivery to a location of your choice:

GVS provides the service to transport Rare Earth Metals to logistics hubs worldwide. We recommend to keep the commodities in specialized sites. Some of them are sensitive to moisture, others are radiant. If Rare Earths have been taken out of the GVS storage locations, analysis is mandatory before storing/ selling them with GVS again.
GTC - Rare Earths Storage
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