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The "GVS Rare Earths Purchasing Program" is tailored for private and institutional buyers.

It is easy to participate in the rare earths and strategic metals price development. Simply select the items you're interested in and then click "Get offer" and we will get back to you very soon. It is economical because the elements are traded directly between the producers and the demanding industry.

Here you will find an overview of all rare earth elements and strategic metals. Click on the icons to see information on the elements' characteristics and fields of application. When you have selected the most promising element use the "Buy Now" button. We will contact you with a purchasing offer. We are trading with industry-standard unit sizes, therefore we suggest a minimum purchase volume of EUR 20,000 for the initial transaction.


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Purchasing Rare Earths has become finally available even for private persons recently.
The sortiment is very large and therefore we are happy to accompany you step by step in your purchase.